Saturday, 23 April 2011

Hack Your Mozilla FireFox and Browser Wars Reloaded.

Mozilla FireFox is my preferred Open Source Browser, so here I present a minor "tweaking" , which can make Firefox perform up to 40% faster for page transfers. With just a few clicks and some typing, you can experience faster browsing and surfing in Firefox.
Here's How its Done :-

1. Open Firefox and in the address bar, type 'about:config'.

2. Click on the button: 'I,l be careful, I promise'.

3. Use the search bar located on the page to look for 'network.http.pipelining' and double click on it to set its value to 'True'.

4. Create a new Boolean value named 'network.http.pipelining.firstrequest' and set that to 'True' as well.

5. Find 'network.http.pipelining.maxrequests' , double click and change its value to 8.

6. Look for 'network.http.proxy.pipelining' and set it to 'True'.

7. Create two new integers named 'nglayout.initialpaint.delay' and 'content.notify.interval' ; set them to '0'.

8. Restart your browser and Thank me, for the difference.

Browser Wars gets Ugly :-
Microsoft says IE9 is "the world's fastest browser", but Firefox developer Mozilla claims IE9 doesn't even qualify as modern. As Mozilla's Firefox4 and Internet Explorer move closer to release, the browser makers are sparring over each other's HTML5 capabilities, lobbing insults and contradictory test results. After Microsoft claimed IE9 achieves 99% compatibly with HTML5, compared to Firefox's 50%, Mozilla Corp. technology "evangelist" Paul Rouget fired back with a blog post titled "Is IE9 a modern browser? NO.

To present a clearer picture of the Browser Wars, I show the statistics of the people who have visited my Blog, you can view it and come to your own conclusion 

As you can clearly see that Google Chrome is the Leader in the Browser Wars, followed closely by Mozilla FireFox and Internet explorer is a Distant 3rd.
                                      So the winner in this Browser Wars is :-   GOOGLE CHROME                                                                    Followed Closely By :-   MOZILLA FIREFOX



    2. well!! i have got firefox leading....followed by simplepie nd next in d race is chrome!!

    3. Junior Scoop : simplepie at 2nd,really ???
      well thats cool ... firefox and chrome are real close...
      wat abt IE???

    4. Aaditya:
      Speed didn't really change....
      I tried it personally...
      What the hell is this?????

    5. Hi Anonymous :

      It didnt work, did you miss any step, or encounter any error ?
      In step 4 we, create a pipelining variable and set it 'True'
      In HTTP 1.1, multiple requests can be sent before any responses are received. This is known as pipelining. Pipelining reduces page loading times, but not all servers support it!

      So either you missed a step, or your server doesn't support it. :((((

    6. If you google it you can see Firefox is leading by 5-10% for a couple yrs.