Friday, 13 May 2011

FireFox Tricks, Linux FunFacts & some interesting Doodles

Haven't posted for a while now, for a variety of reasons.. ranging from frustating blogger maintainence issues to depressing exams, practicals and vivas... So, I am back again presenting to you, a few fire-fox tricks that I came across while googling .... they look pretty cool, so just try them & dont forget to comment with your favourite firefox trick....

Type the following addresses in the address-bar, and see the results :-

IT SHOWS Dancing Firefox.

IT Opens another Firefox inside a tab in the the existing Firefox window.

IT Opens the Options dialog box inside the Firefox tab.

IT Opens the “Book Marks Manager” inside a tab in the Firefox window.

IT Opens the History Panel in the Firefox tab.

IT Opens the Extensions window in the current tab.

IT Opens the “cookies window” inside a tab in the Firefox window.

IT Opens the “Clear Private Data” window inside the current tab.

IT Opens the “About Firefox” Dialog box inside the tab.

IT A scrolling list of names. The one’s who we must thank for creating Firefox

linux funfacts :-
(1). Linus' (The writter of the linux kernel) favorite programming editor is                   Microsoft Notepad.

(2). Linux® is commonly confused with LINUXOS,released by Linux Incorporated.

(3). Steve Ballmer (Microsoft) has called Linux a cancer on mankind.

(4). Linux® is a compound abbreviation for the full name: Linu Christ. In fact,
      Linu Christ is believed to have run the Church of UNIX. Critics such as Pat
      Robertson contend that the X crosses out Christ.

(5). The bit-system was originally invented to make Linux®'s kernel-versions
       countable. Right now there's 64bit, since there are 2^64 different kernels.
       And the saga isn't even close to coming to an end.

(6). The original kernel source was written down in four notebooks.

A few interesting Google Doodles, I came across from Google India and Google World :-



With the last one being, Google's first ever Doodle.


  1. I remember seeing the last doodle and interesting fact is dat at dat point of tym Google used to have '!', just like Yahoo had!!!

  2. junior Scoop : that is google's very first doodle .... its historic

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