Sunday, 17 April 2011

Downloading videos from You-tube/facebook ubuntu/windows

Having installed Ubuntu, the first thing you would realise is that your beloved .exe file,you use to install applications in windows, doesn't work for linux. Ubuntu uses .deb extension packages to install applications as binaries. Deb stands for debian, which originates from the name "Debra", who happened to be the girlfriend of debian founder Ian Murdock. Debian packages are  Unix archivers that include two zipped archives: one that holds the control information and another that contains the data.
So lets install the first software in Ubuntu, so to install vlc-player you can do either of the following things :-
1.  Open Synaptic application
     Click on System ---> Administration ---> Synaptic Package Manager.
     In Settings ---> Repositories, make sure you have an universal repository activated.
     Search for vlc and install it
2.  Or you can go to the Command line interface and type the following
     commands :-
     % sudo apt-get update 
     % sudo apt-get install vlc

And it should install vlc player for you.
Now having downloaded vlc-player, its time to download some videos too, without using any third-party softwares, now if your browser plays a video, it would have to be downloaded somewhere too, so open YouTube videos in Ubuntu (in any browser), let the video buffer/load completely. Afterwards in your file browser, browse to the /tmp directory.
Now in the /tmp directory, you will have the YouTube video you just saw. Simply copy paste the file to some other place other than the /tmp directory, say Desktop, for example. REMEMBER, you will have to copy-paste the file before closing the browser tab that contains the YouTube video. Closing your internet browser would automatically delete file in the /tmp folder.

But this method doesnt seem to be working, for Ubuntu 10.10, so for this, go to the browser cache "/home/.mozilla/firefox/cache" and you will find the video.

Similarly, for Windows you will have to open explorer and navigate to the following location:
C : Users "USERNAME" \AppData\Local\Temp. Enable 'show hidden files' Option in the Folder Options. In the temp folder look for file which has the name "fla*Some_Number*.tmp". The fla*.tmp file is video that was downloaded to your local cache. Copy the file to another folder and rename it to "Myname.flv ".

Now having learnt to download the video, have fun !!!!!!!!!

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  1. Credits :- Divyanshu Bandil

  2. Hey,I have tried it..Works particularly well but It doesn't work with chrome.. You have to install a third party anyway

  3. Hey Sahil,
    Does it not work with chrome ???
    Hmmm... strange, I didn't check that, it works perfectly well for IE and firefox though, there is also a problem, that Firefox keeps a 25mb limit for any video to be stored in its cache, and for any video larger than that, you have to use the downloader, so I guess, u r right :)))))))

  4. Actually there is same problem with Firefox..."Copy Or Backup File That Is Open In Another Program" see the link ..You need to copy cached video that is open in your web a third party prog. to copy that file while it is in use is imperative...btw I use clipta downloader or downloadhelper for firefox..