Sunday, 3 July 2011

Switching from Gnome to KDE

I recently, switched from Gnome to KDE, for the sake of my project and even though I was reluctant in the beginning, I would now have to admit, that it was totally worth it .KDE is strikingly different from gnome, and I find it very similar to Microsoft Windows, in some ways. To start-with, I found Kdm pretty boring so may be the recent talk in the kde community to replace Kdm with Lightdm is well placed. But the rest of the desktop environment was nice and refreshing. Here is a simple procedure to switch from gnome to kde.

Just follow the simple steps :-

(1). Go to System ---> Administration ---> Synaptic Package Manager.
(2). Search for kubuntu Desktop.

 (3). Select the package and install the package.

It would be a, not so huge 117 MB to Download. So just sit back and relax, it took 34 minutes to download on my system.

(4). Now it would start installing, it would again take some time, to install.

Some time in between the download it would ask you, if you would like to keep gdm or switch to kdm, I would say, you should stick with gdm. And you are through to use it.

So enjoy, using kde and don't forget to give your valuable feedback at  !!!!!!

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