Sunday, 17 July 2011

Adding Systemd to Gnome/kde

 A still of Kde Desktop

Haven't been doing a lot of work of-late, sighhh... out of ideas really !!!!

I had earlier assumed, using systemd/launchd as an external dependency, or copying its working across all startup scripts and application, I came across an interesting discussion on the gnome mailing list, but my mentor thinks that, it would not be viable/ unfeasible. So that, idea is pretty much ruled out. Anyone genuinely interested in following the topic can read this interesting conversation by Lennart, the creator/maintainer of systemd, here :-

My mentor feels that it would be better to augment and improve the existing kdeinit, kded, etc. scripts. Currently kdeinit and kded call and start other scripts and applications by serialisation, if we parallise, more and more events, it would reduce the startup time, we would have to let them do stuff asynchronously and let the modules report back when they're finished setting up stuff. On my part, I would have to edit most if not all the scripts. On my part, I have been asked to have a look at what takes the longest during launch. Maybe I should try adding just a lot of debug output to kdeinit that shows how long each operation takes. To start with, I should just call utime() between the various methods called in kdeinit, and print out the difference between them. I should look at the timings of all the scripts and how much script is spent on each process, and then, we parallise some particular scripts that take most time.

Using the debug* files here: 
 well, first I should probably find out what uses time during launch, if kded starts instantly, it isn't worth wasting time on making it launch stuff in parallel


Sighhh... So Much to DO ....       o_O

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